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Interactive Map
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B&B La Primavera

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Bed & Breakfast La Primavera.


Facilities offered by il Portone

Il Portone offers a range of facilities:

  • free wi-fi internet access in all apartments
  • private car park
  • barbecue
  • washing machine in the utility room
  • heating
  • air conditioning in some of the apartments
  • bed linen
  • a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom
  • pets are welcome

For stays that exceed the one-week (7 days), there is a 10% discount on the current price


  • check in by 6.00 p.m. check out by 10.00 a.m.,
  • cleaning on departure 20 Euro,
  • the shops, restaurants and museums are about 700 metres from the farm house,
  • wireless internet connection,
  • all the kitchens are fully equipped,
  • booking is accepted with payment on arrival,
  • Il Portone collaborates with B&B La Primavera.

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