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The apartments of the villa

Appartamenti il Portone

APARTMENT A 35 sq.m.

A two roomed apartment with a double bedroom, bathroom/shower and living room with a kitchenette. This ground floor apartment has a small private terrace with tables and chairs shaded by wisteria where you can relax and enjoy its sweet aroma.

APARTMENT B 35 sq.m.

A one roomed recently renovated apartment located in the area which was once the stables with a large arched window looking out onto the garden with a double bed, en suite bathroom, kitchenette and table and chairs in the garden.

APARTMENT C 40 sq.m.

A two roomed well-appointed apartment on the first floor with a double room, bathroom/ shower, a living room with a spacious kitchen and windows looking out over the valley offering a beautiful view of Volterra on the hill. There is a sofa bed in the living room to accommodate two children.

APARTMENT D 38 sq.m.

A two roomed apartment on the first floor, a double room with a charming Tuscan vaulted ceiling, living room and kitchenette, bathroom/ shower.

APARTMENT E 43 sq.m.

A two roomed apartment with a spacious living room, kitchenette and two windows overlooking the olive grove and a bedroom upstairs in the tower with a romantic wrought iron bed. There is a sofa bed in the living room and the apartment is air conditioned.

APARTMENT F 32 sq.m.

A small comfortable air conditioned two roomed apartment with a double room, bathroom/ shower and kitchen.

APARTMENT G 57 sq.m.

A three roomed apartment with two double bedrooms each with an en suite bathroom and a kitchen. The apartment is on the ground floor with a private garden area with tables and chairs to relax after a day excursion.


from 01/01/2023
to 31/12/2023
660 €
660 €
820 €
590 €
820 €
590 €
990 €


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